From New Zealand to London

Hannah Carroll (centre) heads up X4 Group’s New Zealand office with Renée Reichmuth, who also originally moved to London from New Zealand, and shares her experience of the journey so far.

I moved in August 2011, leaving my job as office manager for a property company in New Zealand. It’s a new and exciting big city compared to our side of the world and is also the gateway to travel around Europe whilst working. I used an agency when I first arrived and started temp work until one of the companies offered me a permanent role within admin.

I moved to Streatham Hill, South London and started working part time at a pub in Covent Garden called the Coach & Horses to make some extra money. Peter Rabey, one of the directors of X4 Group would come in every now and then with some of the team and I was offered the opportunity to work in recruitment at X4, but didn’t know too much about the industry at that time, so went away and did some research and then got in touch with Pete. I haven’t looked back since!

When I interviewed with the three directors, the company was pretty small, only around 12 – 15 employees, but the way the directors spoke so passionately about what they were planning on doing and their future plans for the company really sold it for me. A few years on they did exactly what they said they would. I’ve been in 4 different offices with X4 Group due to growth and every time the company just keeps getting bigger and better and it’s a good feeling to be part of that.

I think I love recruitment so much because it’s been through the X4 Group. Working for the company is just so rewarding and such a fun culture, especially for someone who hasn’t grown up in London and doesn’t know as many people. I also love the competitive nature within the office, the rewards when you’re doing well and the buzz you get when you do something well! I can actually say X4 Group did change my life and is definitely why I ended up living in London for 5 years longer than I originally planned.

My first 6 months at X4 Group were challenging, to put it frankly – I was not good. I am a very competitive person and hate when I can’t get something straight away, so being patient was probably my biggest challenge and not beating myself up for not being great straight away! But, with the directors and my then team leader, Lauren Harris reminding me that if I work hard it will pay off, really helped me and it’s exactly what happened.

I love the people I have met whilst living in London and working at X4 Group. Also, the travel I have got to do with work as part of the holiday targets have been amazing. I’ve been to Vegas, Ibiza, Prague, Paris, Croatia, skiing and endless lunch clubs to some of the best places in London. It’s been great to just experience a different lifestyle from home.

If you’re energetic, competitive, love a social work place, enjoy working hard for great incentives and want the opportunity to make some money –you should definitely consider working at X4 Group in London!  You can always move to our new NZ office once you’ve had a few years in the UK and are ready to come home

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