Isabelle shares her experience as a lead recruitment consultant 2 ½ years on

I have been promoted three times since I joined the X4 Group 2 ½ years ago as a trainee recruitment consultant. I joined the business straight after graduating in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from the University of York and am now a lead consultant at X4 Life Sciences, placing clinical professionals on a permanent basis across the UK.

What’s changed?

So much has changed since I began my career. I have a lot more independence now and I am at a point where I feel like I am running my own business. I am proud to say that I am truly an expert in my field, not just a good recruiter.

Biggest learning curve

I think when anyone starts a job in recruitment without prior experience, they never really know what they are letting themselves in for. I think initially the biggest learning curve was realising how tough the job is. You have to be resilient, disciplined and able to maintain a positive mindset whether it be a good day or a bad day, or a good month or a bad month. This job has definitely taught me that something good is always around the corner. Just keep persevering.

What I love

I love my team, I wouldn’t be where I am without them. My managers have always been very supportive and approachable and I genuinely enjoy coming into work every day.  I am now looking to grow my own team within the clinical division as there are lots of exciting areas we can expand into.

Advice to myself 2 ½ years ago

I would tell myself to be more organised from day one. It is so important to be on top of your business.


I am 100% motivated by success. I want to be more successful and continue to challenge myself and achieve more. Working in a meritocratic environment where you are rewarded based on talent and achievement has really contributed to how fast I have been able to progress. Day to day, the excellent commission structure is very motivating! There are always targets to be gunning for, whether it be the ski trip, days out to Ascot or Sandown.