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What the Housing Crisis Means for the UK Construction Industry

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It has been reported in the news for years that there is a shortage of affordable housing across the United Kingdom. There are simply not enough homes being built in order to accommodate the large number of people who require them up and down the country. This is not great news for people looking for…

We raised £1,106 for The Motor Neurone Disease Association!

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This Saturday, over 20 courageous X4 Group employees took part in The Tough Mudder Run. It was an extremely tough and muddy day and also a great opportunity to help raise money for the MND Association. MND affects up to 5,000 adults in the UK at any one time and is a life-shortening disease there is no…

A great Saturday afternoon at Prince’s Course in Richmond Park for the annual X4 Group Golf Classic.

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Saturday afternoon, 17 of X4’s finest golfers went to the Prince’s Course at Richmond Park for the annual X4 Group Golf Classic. Heavy rain had hit South West London in the run up to the tournament, but the course was turned out beautifully with surprisingly quick greens, lush fairways and some particularly deep rough on…

Our top performers enjoy a weekend in Ibiza for the summer holiday target!

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Over 10 of our top performers enjoyed a lavish weekend in Ibiza for hitting the summer holiday target! Every year X4 Group employees have three luxury holiday targets to work towards, with Ibiza being classed as one of the best yet!

Why salaries in cyber security are some of the fastest growing in the UK.

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The world has woken up to cyber security, with stories in the news becoming a weekly occurrence. Just this week the report, by NHS Digital’s head of security operations, Chris Flynn, said there was a “false sense of security” among staff over cyber threats and highlighted a range of security failings, including weak passwords and…

X4’s Annual Action Day at Europe’s Largest Aqua Park!

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The company got together on Saturday for the annual X4 Action Day! This year we went to Liquid Leisure to enjoy a day of team building on Europe’s largest aqua park! The day started early with everyone’s spirits high as we got ready for exclusive access to the aqua park for 2 hours. This was…

What’s hot? 2017’s in-demand engineering skills

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The skill-sets which employers yearn for tend to change regularly, determined by market landscapes, product sales and the emergence of new technology. So, with over half of 2017 already behind us, now is a good time to take stock of which engineering skills are currently the most valuable: Software engineering OK, so software engineering has…

X4 Group Annual Summer Boat Party!

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Another year, another amazing boat party!    

How to recruit, hire and retain the best software engineers.

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Employers, whether a start-up or large tech company are looking for the savviest software engineers who are able to keep up with technological changes and advancements, whilst solving problems in creative and efficient ways. The biggest challenges today’s employers face is hiring the top talent, prioritising the development and talent needed for a project and…

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