Relocating for a new job

UK workers are said to change jobs on average every 5 years, according to LV and half would be willing to relocate for the right job, as reported by Totaljobs. In the modern workplace, many professionals can expect to choose to move, or be encouraged to move, for a new job opportunity at least once in their careers.

Booming job markets and rare niche opportunities located elsewhere, can provide positive incentives to relocate for the right position. This idea can be exciting yet daunting and overwhelming at the same time.

Everyone’s decision-making process is different but here are our top tips to make relocation as smooth and easy as possible:

  1. Get in touch with us early!

As specialist recruiters, we are always keen to hear about individuals willing to relocate to a new area. Our consultants are highly trained to be discrete and professional when it comes to working with passive candidates; those that aren’t on the open market but are considering a move. We are able to give you a decent idea of the opportunities available in the new location you are looking at, and more importantly work proactively on your behalf to source a selection of opportunities that fit your criteria, without you needing to post your CV online or apply to jobs.

  1. Know what’s available to you

Some companies will offer assistance in relocating, be it a financial contribution or some guidance on local accommodation, best places to stay temporarily or more permanently. Some companies will also offer expenses to cover travel to/from an interview, so always worth asking the question if travelling a long way.

  1. Cost of living

There are significant differences in the cost of living among cities. Typically, they are compensated in your new salary, but it’s still important to check. The cost of travel is another important consideration, National Rail passes and the cost of using the tube are new expenses to bear in mind if you are used to a short drive to work.

Make sure you do your research first so you are happy and confident you can relocate without issues, with flexibility on your salary expectations to ensure you can consider more positions that might offer better overall opportunities.

  1. Get to know your new environment before making long-term commitments

It’s important to get as much perceptive as you can on what you’re walking into. Spending a day or even a weekend exploring a potential area can often give you the confidence needed to make the relocation step.

A common mistake many people make is to commit to a long-term lease or buy a home straight away and later end up regretting the move or disliking the new job. Renting is a great way to settle into a city without making a commitment, to allow you time to decide whether you like the area and enjoy your job.

There are some great websites to use when looking for short term accommodation or longer term rentals:

  1. It’s time to get organised

Even the best relocation plans will have unexpected costs or snags. You can handle these setbacks better if you are organised from the beginning. Allocate a budget for your relocation – making sure you have reserved a few hundred pounds for these little, or not so little, hitches.

  1. Relocating with children

If you have children, be sure to research schools in your new area. Moving during the holidays is a popular choice for most people relocating because it can give children time to settle in to their new surroundings before they begin school.

  1. Attend to the little details

Once you’ve made the decision, be sure to take care of all the little details. Take care of utility services (gas, electricity, television, internet etc.), notify relevant people of your change of address, and sort out medical forms for your new doctor.

  1. Settle in and give it time

Relocating to start a new job can take weeks or even months to fully settle in to, which can be very tough at first but it’s important to give it time. Allow you and your family the chance to become familiar with your new location and allow yourself the time to build new relationships at work before comfortable with your new surroundings, build relationships at work before making any quick decisions to move on again.

It can be a very daunting task to relocate but often it can turn out to be a life-changing move for the better. Our consultants are specialists in their markets and cover the whole of the UK and parts of Europe. We have multiple consultants covering each sector, split between permanent and contract roles and so we are well positioned to help if you are considering relocating to a new area or simply wish to discuss potential opportunities. Contact us on 02078127700 to discuss further.