The Queen and what you didn’t know

Anything’s possible when you’re the Queen, including having two birthdays. She turned 93 years old on April 23rd this year but the official celebration will take place tomorrow, 8th June 2019. This is because she prefers to spend her day with friends and family and celebrate with the rest of the world in June when there’s a better chance of nice weather.

To kick off her official celebrations on Saturday, she’ll be joined by her family on the royal balcony to watch the Trooping the Colour Parade, which is performed by 1,400 parading soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians.

The Queen is the world’s longest reigning monarch and has lived much of her live in the public eye. Despite this, there’s still many things you probably didn’t know about her and so we’ve put together a list of interesting facts about her.

  1. She’s owned over 30 corgis

A true dog lover and corgi fanatic, the Queen has owned over 30 corgis throughout her lifetime. She even introduced a new cross-breed when her corgi mated with Princess Margaret’s dachshund creating the “dorgi”.

  1. She has several nicknames which include “Lilibet”, “Cabbage” and “Gan Gan”

Even the Queen has nicknames that she’s called by her family. “Lilibet” came from when she was younger and couldn’t pronounce her name and so it stuck. Prince Philip affectionately refers to her “Cabbage” and Prince George refers to her as “Gan Gan” as a nickname for his great-grandmother.

  1. She doesn’t require a driver’s license, number plate or passport

As part of The Queen’s royal prerogative, she is the only person in the UK that doesn’t require a driver’s license, number plate or passport. She is said to prefer driving herself around her private estate and comfortably so in her Range Rover. She can also pass freely when travelling abroad as a British passport is issued in the name of Her Majesty, so doesn’t require one.

  1. She’s not the richest person in the UK

It would be easily believable to think that The Queen is the richest person the country however, in last year’s Sunday Times annual rich list proved different. She had an estimated worth of £370 million but Hugh Grosvenor, otherwise known as the Duke of Westminster estimated worth is around £10 billion.

  1. She’s a football fan

The Queen is said to be an avid Arsenal fan and the support runs in the family as her late-mother was also a self-confessed Gooner. During a reception at Buckingham Palace in 2007 she told Cesc Fabregas that she was “a fan” of the team and has been for over 50 years.

  1. She paid for her wedding dress in coupons

Weddings are expensive for the most of us but it is surprising of to learn that The Queen had to save up ration coupons to purchase her wedding dress material. This was due to the rationing measures in place after the Second World War. Hundreds of people in fact sent their coupons to The Queen however, it would have been illegal to use them so they were returned.

  1. She wears £8 nail polish

The Queen is said to have worn the same nail polish for the last 30 years. Her go-to brand is Essie and opts for “ballet slippers” which is a subtle pink hue.

  1. She owns an apartment in NYC

She purchased a $8 million penthouse in New York City in 2015. The penthouse comprises of 3.5 bathrooms and spans across 3,000 square feet. Norman Foster, the architect behind the penthouse was knighted by The Queen herself in 1990.

  1. Her purse is used to signal to her staff

Whatever the occasion, The Queen always have her Launer leather tote by her side. She actually uses it as a way to signal to her staff; if she places it on the table it means she’d like to leave within 5 minutes and if she puts it on the floor then she’s not enjoying the conversation and would like to be rescued.

  1. She drinks roughly one glass of Champaign before bed every night

Our royal monarch is said to drink a glass of wine with her meal and enjoys a pre-bedtime flute of champagne according to her cousin, Margaret Rhodes.