The X4 Wolf Pack tackled the 10k Wolf Run, raising over £500 for Bloodwise!

Early morning at Clapham Junction station, the first group of X4 employees made the early Saturday meeting point ahead of the days Wolf Run. A ten kilometer run, combining hill climbs, an array of obstacles and open water swimming. After a two hour coach journey we meet the remaining participants taking part to bring our pack number to 22, whose disposition included a combination of fear, excitement, and in some cases regret for not staying under the duvet Saturday morning.

Nonetheless, after registering, signing our injury waivers and a brief warm up we set off to be greeted by some initial hill running, waist high water and a series of obstacles, all varying in difficulty. Despite some tricky obstacles and water elements, all our runners tackled the challenge head on. A highlight came at approximately 6km, where runners were greeted with a 20 ft water slide into an expanse of water, which was tackled with varying degrees of poise and athleticism. The subsequent swims were tackled admirably, particularly in waters which wouldn’t be out of place a little further towards the Arctic.

That said, after two hours and only a few minor injuries, everyone who took up the challenge, completed it. After a few well-earned drinks, burgers and chips, some still took some time to enjoy themselves in the mud. It was a very challenging but enjoyable day and one that resulted in over £500 being raised for Bloodwise. Thank you everyone who got involved and donated for a very worthy cause.

Bloodwise is a fantastic charity that funds world-class research into all types of blood cancer. To donate please visit our Just Giving Page