What it takes to be a top biller

It is no secret that successful recruiters can earn very good money, in addition to benefits such as all paid for holidays and monthly lunches at top restaurants. At X4 Group, everyone has a strong work ethic as they know their hard work gets rewarded! Amongst all the consultants there are the top billers who time and time again are at the top of the leader board – here are their tips:


Being assertive in a calm and positive way without coming across aggressive is an essential communication skill to have when working in recruitment. Coming across like a ‘pushy salesperson’ who won’t take no for an answer, will offend your prospective client/candidate.


Having a positive but at the same time realistic attitude will help you maintain a sense of balance when things may not be going your way. Coming into work highly motivated and willing to learn will enable you to get through your day more efficiently and generate more results.


One thing that really stands out amongst our top billers is their determination to work towards and exceed a target. Whether that be for a salary increase or to get onto the High Rollers trip to Vegas, they are always working towards a goal. We have seen individuals start without any prior recruitment experience just 4 years ago, who are now heading up their own division and looking to purchase their second house. The opportunities are endless, you just have to be hungry and driven to get to that goal!


Getting things turned around ASAP is critical in the competitive world of recruitment. If you push something back even a few hours it could be the difference between making a placement and losing out to another recruiter who got the deal wrapped up first. They see the process through from start to finish and will always keep in touch with their clients.

Our top contract biller Laura Fox comments;

“Getting to the top of a billing leader board obviously takes a lot of the cliché things you would expect such as exhausting hard work, long hours and relentless dialling. Especially when you are building a market from scratch, you need to be constantly gathering information, finding the strongest candidates, (out of thousands!) and matching their specific technical skills with clients who use the same technologies, as well as constantly generating business by speaking with as many clients as possible and proving to them you genuinely understand the market and how you can help them.”

“Staying at the top of the leader board takes even more work than getting there. It means you need to prove to your clients that you are worth choosing time and time again or exclusively, above all the others that are calling them daily. You do this by constantly delivering the same quality of service as you would have when you were trying to win their business. As a contract consultant one of the most important traits is being able to react very quickly and have the ability to sell to and persuade clients and candidates alike. It is not for the faint hearted!”

Director Peter Rabey comments;

“You cannot get away from the fact that it is always a combination of things that makes a top biller, different people do it in different ways. Fundamentally never lying down and taking no for an answer, knowing your market and technologies inside and out, being able to communicate and understand people as well as a great desire to achieve are the things that average people will not take to the required level. Too many people state in interview “I love that with recruitment you get out what you put in” and I disagree entirely with that – hard work won’t guarantee a place at the top table but it will give you the chance to be there.”