Will I get a job when I graduate?

Looking for your first job after graduating university can be intimidating. A generally accepted theory is that graduates struggle to find a role in their chosen profession and competition makes it difficult to find a job at all. In reality finding a job is very likely, but depending on the industry you go into, you may not enter at your anticipated level.

Do graduates get employed?

The simple answer is yes. A recent study by found that more than 80% of graduates are employed. Essentially, the higher the level of qualification and national ranking of the university tend to trend towards higher skilled and paid jobs. But it is worth noting that just above 60% of graduates from the top ranked 24 universities are employed within high skilled jobs compared to approximately 50% of graduates from other universities, meaning the gap is not gaping. The research also found that a graduate is approximately 4 times more likely to be employed in a skilled job than a non-graduate.

Patience pays off

Although maybe initially concerning, the truth is that experience counts for a lot. Nearly half of all recent graduates are employed in “non-graduate” rolls, compared to around 37% of graduates over the age of 30. Essentially speaking, experience and a higher level of degree from a higher ranked university will tend to result in higher skilled, better paid employment. However, this does not mean that you need to be all (or indeed any) of these to succeed.

The recruitment industry is a prime example. At the X4 Group we hire people based on their ambition, drive, enthusiasm, resilience and natural ability to sell. Not on experience. In fact, we only hire people with zero recruitment experience.

We strongly believe in meritocracy, where all of our employees have the opportunity to succeed and progress as a result of their accomplishments and not by how long they have been employed. Recruitment provides a great pathway into employment for ambitious graduates who want the opportunity to be highly successful as soon as they graduate.

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