X4 Technology partner with The Turing Trust

X4 Technology, are on a mission to empower people to succeed throughout the technology sector and are proud to announce their partnership with the Turing Trust.

The Turing Trust are building an inclusive future for underprivileged children in sub-Saharan Africa by refurbishing donated computers in the UK, for use in schools across sub-Saharan Africa. They have supported hundreds of schools in Ghana, Liberia and Malawi and have also directly supported thousands of students to become IT literate.


The Partnership

Through the partnership with the Turing Trust, X4 Technology will make a donation for every permanent placement they make. Each donation will enable the Turing Trust to install a computer in a classroom, helping them to reach their vision of providing every school with adequate IT resources to be able to teach ICT effectively.


Our Director of X4 Technology, Andy Turton, said that “we are proud to be partnering with the Turing Trust, who share our vision of empowering people to succeed through their incredible work that enables underprivileged students in sub-Saharan Africa to receive a technology-enabled education.”


Of the schools the Turing Trust supported in 2019, all teachers reported that IT equipment and software has had a positive impact on the enthusiasm and motivation of students. Check out their latest progress report here.