Isabelle shares her experience as a graduate recruitment consultant

Over 500,000 2017 graduates will soon be entering the job market and are eager to kick-start a successful and challenging career. Deciding the best path to take can be one of the biggest challenges they face. Graduates see recruitment as an opportunity to work in a fast-paced and financially rewarding environment, where hard work and success is not only rewarded with commission, but also incentives such as holidays, lunch clubs, spa days etc.

Some may feel that this is only an avenue for the ‘pushy salesperson’ personalities, however in our experience it is the highly competitive, ambitious and hard-working personalities that have a real drive to succeed who make the best recruiters.

We asked one of our graduates, Isabelle Marland to share her experience as a graduate recruitment consultant at the X4 Group.

How long have you been working at the X4 Group?

I have been working at the X4 Group for 8 months now and started out as a trainee without any prior recruitment experience. After my first 5 months recruiting I was promoted to a full consultant.

Why did you choose recruitment?

I initially wanted to get into recruitment as I knew I could earn a great salary, utilising my interpersonal skills. I accepted the offer at the X4 Group because of the great commission structure and amazing benefits, I especially liked the fact they have multiple holiday targets throughout the year and monthly lunch clubs.

During my interview I had a gut feeling this was the place for me.  I was excited about the company’s vision and the career progression opportunities, especially after being interviewed by a head of division who had worked their way to that level after just 4 years.

 How have you improved since starting at the X4 Group?

My confidence since starting at the X4 Group has grown significantly. Before my first ever client meeting, just 3 weeks into the business I remember being nervous, but since then over the past 8 months I have won huge clients for the Life Science division from a number of meetings. This has resulted in multiple placements throughout my team and is something I am very proud of.

 What do you like most about your job?

The best thing about my job has to be the people I work with. I feel I have made friends for life and my manager Renee has helped me every step of the way. Recruitment can have a reputation of being ‘cut-throat,’ however this is not something I have experienced at all. I have had support and guidance since day one and I like the fact the 3 directors are still very much involved on the sales floor.

What do you find most challenging?

The long hours can be challenging, but if you put the hard work in, it really does pay off.

 Best incentives?

I have recently come back from a 5* ski trip to Chamonix Mont-Blanc, it was amazing. We had our own luxury cabin with a jacuzzi, sauna, cinema room and our own Chef!

I can definitely say that the opportunity to go on 3 all paid for holidays a year is the best incentive.

What are you most looking forward to?

I am most looking forward to the summer holiday target to Ibiza, which I am currently working hard to hit! The whole company is also going to Europe’s largest aqua park in August which will be a lot of fun! Throughout the summer there are all kinds of events like the Richmond Summer Social, the annual boat party, monthly nights out and several sporting events.

Any advice you would give to recent graduates thinking about starting a recruitment career?

Do it…………..if you are ambitious and extremely success driven! If you have an extremely hard-working attitude it can be a life-changing career and one that will offer you the potential to earn a lot of money.